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Commercial Litigation
Commercial litigation is an umbrella term that covers a number of distinct business/individual-related issues and disputes, which may include, among other things, defending labor law claims against site safety companies, contract disputes, employment issues, disputes among partners/shareholders, disputes between a homeowner and a contractor/subcontractor, insurer and insured, purchaser and seller of property, and other related disputes. Rafferty & Redlisky, LLP pursues all available remedies from inception through trial, as well as on appeal. We argue vigorously and zealously on your behalf to achieve the best result, always focused on the equitable and most-cost effective means possible.

Elder Care Law
Rafferty & Redlisky, LLP specialize in handling guardianship proceedings at the request of institutional petitioners for the benefit of its residents or clients, or on behalf private petitioners for loved ones. We are fully familiar with the requirements of Article 81, and always strive to balance the privacy and particular needs of the Alleged Incapacitated Person (AIP) with the needs of the facility for a just result that protects both. We work to ensure that our institutional petitioners are compensated for the health care services provided to its AIPs , and assists in working with Medicaid so that coverage is provided for the benefit of both the alleged incapacitated persons and the institution. We have been appointed as Court Evaluator, Guardian and Counsel to the AIP on complex guardianship matters by the Courts in New York, Kings and Westchester Counties as a result of our experience, demonstrated ability and caring service to the alleged incapacitated persons.

Business Formation and Contracts
Rafferty & Redlisky, LLP advises clients regarding the advantages and disadvantages of different business forms (e.g., sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, subchapter S corporations, corporations, and joint ventures). We also draft all of the necessary documents to maintain a business in good standing under the applicable laws, including but not limited to, corporate by-laws, resolutions, minutes of directors’ meetings, and notices, as well as partnership agreements and LLC operating agreements. We also review and draft most types of business agreements, including purchase agreements, employment and severance agreements, shareholder agreements, license agreements, distribution agreements, royalty agreements, leases, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements.
Insurance Defense
If you have been declined coverage and need to know what your rights are under an insurance policy, we can assist by issuing coverage opinions and responding to declaratory judgment actions to determine what is and is not covered.
Appellate Litigation
Rafferty & Redlisky, LLP can effectively brief and orally argue appeals in state appellate courts. A lawyer from our firm is also available to serve as "outside appellate counsel" for other attorneys.

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