Health Care Recovery and Reimbursement


We focus on assisting our institutional clients (mainly nursing homes) in reducing their receivables. Our philosophy is that the best first line of defense in reducing receivables lies with the institution. Accordingly, we have a two prong approach: the first is to assist the facility with its Admission Agreements and other documents used to obtain financial information from its residents to avoid problems with obtaining required information for Medicaid application and/or collection of co-insurance or private charges. We will meet with administrators, social workers, admissions and financial personnel to listen to their particular receivable issues, and fashion an appropriate plan and suggest strategies. The second is to pursue all available sources of third-party coverage for health care reimbursement, and we use administrative and judicial remedies for pursing payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care. We also institute private collection actions, and monitor and compel payments in filed estate proceedings.

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